PUBLIC CALL FOR REPLICATING TERRITORIES- “Circular economy strategies on tourism in a post-covid context”

The InCircle project offers an opportunity to six Mediterranean territories to become a replicating territory of the InCircle project. InCircle will assist replicating territories to increase the circularity and sustainability of their tourism to support the relaunch of the sector in a post-covid time. The call for applications is open from 15 of June to 4th of August, 2021.

NOTE: All information was made available on a webinar. You can access the recording in this link.


The InCircle project supports territories in the transition towards a more circular tourism economy. The project will select 6 territories through an open call, and will guide them in the creation of territorial strategies to increase circularity and sustainability of tourism in their territories to support the relaunch of the sector in a post-covid time.

InCircle project will provide support to replicating territories to work towards this aim by:

  •   Assisting awarded territories on the development of their own circular tourism strategies by using:
  1.   the guidance and support of an expert on sustainable touristic strategies
  2.   the tools and methodologies developed by the project
  3.   the support of territories who underwent the same procedure in the first InCircle phase
  4.   the support of the experts who developed InCircle tools, through peer-review study visits and meetings
  •   Implementing tailor-made testing activities to tackle the specific needs of the touristic sector of the territory, especially by taking into account the needs risen after the covid-19. Such activities will be in line with the strategies under development, and will aim at tackling one or more of INCIRCLE four pillars (energy, waste, mobility and water).

Please bear in mind that the support provided by InCircle will be adapted to fit the needs and particularities of the territory selected to be a replicating territory as much as possible. InCircle is aware that some territories might already have their strategies, in which case the approach would be adapting and improving them so that circularity is embedded within. For this, the challenges the destination describes will be taken into account in the selection process, to see if there is a match with what InCircle methodologies and tools can offer.

For each replicating territory, the available budget is of 35.000-38.000 €. Please note that the replicating territory will NOT directly receive such funds. Instead, budget will be managed by the technical partner of InCircle associated to each replicating territory, on its behalf and always after mutual agreement. Such funds will cover all costs for the activities described in section 6 of the summary document (here) , including the travel costs. Replicating territories will contribute to the budget only by means of human resources.



Territories that can apply to the call are:

  •   provincial councils, counties, delegations, or similar bodies
  •   metropolitan authorities
  •   other groups of municipalities
  •   regions
  •   public-private consortia
  •   ministries

Single cities and municipalities cannot apply to the present call. Territories eligible for the Interreg-Med program, the ENI-CBC Med program + Morocco and Turkey will be able to apply to the call. 

A total of 6 territories will be selected to undergo the replication process. From these, up to 2 will be selected from the countries of Morocco, Turkey or the ENI-CBC Med program eligible territories



The public call opens on Tuesday 15th of June 2021 and closes on Wednesday, 4th of August 2021. The InCircle project will announce awarded territories on early September 2021.

You must fill in the application form (here).

In the application form, applying organisations must submit a motivation letter (template here) stating:

A.     Which is the territory applying to the call

B.     Which are the members of the consortia, and which one will lead the process

C.     Which are the main challenges the territory expects to tackle with the participation on the InCircle project/how would it benefit to the territory to participate in the project

D.     Committing to provide sufficient human resources

E.     Stating name of technical team in charge of the project

F.     Declaration of Honour on Exclusion Criteria and Selection Criteria

The letter will also prove political commitment and will be signed by a legal representative.




Replicating territories will be selected according to the following criteria. (Total: 24 points).

Geographic and demographic criteria: up to 12 points

Islands or regions including populated islands

4 points

Territories with a 45% of difference between the month with less overnight stays and the month with higher overnight stays

4 points

Territories which 75% of the population lives in areas with a density of up to or equal to 300 hab/km2

4 points

Territories which have taken first steps towards the promotion of sustainable tourism: up to 12 points

Creation of a department to coordinate sustainable tourism actions

2 points

Drafting or implementation of sustainable tourism plans or strategies

2 points

Collection of data to assess the impact of tourism

2 points

Performance of previous campaigns for sustainability in tourism sector

2 points

Performance of working groups with tourism stakeholders

2 points

Coordination with neighbour territories in actions or exchanges promoting sustainable tourism

2 points


Under equal conditions, preference will be given to those territories with lower baseline population density; to those territories which conforming administrations, private sector or civil society organisations show interest in participating in the process of formulating a strategy and commitment to participate in the stakeholder working groups with this aim; and those territories who are not currently participating in further MED projects under the Sustainable Tourism Community.

Proof of the declaration released will be required (official documents, reports, minutes, strategies, links to websites...)



At the end of the 8-month period, replicating territories will have:

  •   Adapted/created their own sustainable tourism strategy, based on the principles of circular economy, adapted to their own territory and which answers to the interests of the various stakeholders on the tourism sector.
  •   Implemented a tailor-made activity which is in line with their strategy and objectives and which serves as a small testing activity to engage tourism stakeholders and to be replicated at a bigger scale.
  •   Made available to their tourist industry a measurement tool that paves the way for their transition towards a more circular economy.
  •   Have become autonomous and learnt not only from their own experience implementing InCircle activities, but also from strategies and activities being developed and implemented in other 10 territories with different characteristics.
  •   Mainstreamed their own results to inspire other territories and position themselves as an example of territory promoting sustainability and circularity among its tourist sector.



You can find a summary of the activities you will enrol to as replicating territory in section 6 of the full “call for replicating territories” document (here).



A high level of commitment is expected from replicating territories during the 8-month period of the replication phase. In particular:

  •   Human resources: two to three public officers from the selected replicating organisation, one of which a manager, and all of them ideally from different departments and with different skills, are expected to be engaged with the project, must assist to meetings with InCircle technical and institutional partners as well as with the external experts required at each described activity.
  •   Institutions must ensure that they have the means to perform all InCircle activities such as the data collection to perform the circular economy assessment, which will involve collecting data from other departments of the replicator, and occasionally from companies who provide services to the latter (for example: electricity or water).
  •   Territories are also expected to be able to engage, with the support of InCircle partners and experts, several relevant stakeholders from all the tourist sector, ensuring a wide representation of the different sectors and society.

Once selected, replicating territories will have to fill in a “Memorandum of Understanding” signed by the organisation’s authorities, in which they declare their engagement and willingness to take active part on the activities within the project and their intention to collaborate with project partners and external experts by providing all relevant data.



Should you have any questions or need further clarifications, do not hesitate to contact by using the help desk form (here).



INCIRCLE aims to support insular and scarcely inhabited MED areas to meet the increasing environmental challenges caused by tourist activities by promoting the application of circular economy principles in the tourism sector.

INCIRCLE’s mission is to enhance the sustainability and attractiveness of MED touristic insular and low-density areas through Circular Tourism, preserving the quality and availability of natural resources as well as improving the quality of life of residents & tourists.


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