Pilot demonstrator in Himara

Himara Demonstrator focuses on increasing mobility in low densely populated areas by usage of the bike routes.

Unlike traditional city bike routes, which go alongside car roads or pedestrians sidewalks, this is a mountain bike route which connects two populated areas, Livadh and Janë.

These are also, two very well-known tourist destinations, with gorgeous nature, beaches and more. Traditionally, the way which they connect has always been car transportation.

This bike route, almost 3.5 kilometers in length, is now the new alternative way by which the tourists and locals can connect. Previously, the ground was narrow and bumpy and it was very difficult to even walk. Now small scale investments have been made to make it suitable for mountain bikes by leveling the ground surface, creating rest areas and installing the proper indicating signs.

Himara Demonstrator is not only functional but also lies on a unique and beautiful terrain, featuring crystal untouched beaches on one side and breath-taking high hills on the other.

It promises not only to increase connectivity between communities by using bikes, but also promotes the values of circular economy, circular tourism and teaches how we can coexist with nature.