The fifth Project Meeting took place on the 18th December 2020. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the meeting was held online via Microsoft Teams.

As usual, the meeting started with AREA Science Park - the Lead Partner (LP) of INCIRCLE – giving an overview and updates on project implementation.  INCIRCLE Project Officer from the JS and INCIRCLE External Evaluator participated also in the meeting, offering their support and insights to Project Partners.

Initially, project financial issues were discussed and a Q&A session followed with most Partners participating and sharing their concerns and thoughts.

Updates on SWGs implementation in Albania, Himara, Palma – Balearic Islands, Crete – Rethymno, Larnaka, Cyprus, Gozo – Malta were presented by the Institutional Partners. The progress made was underlined; while the next steps that still remain to be made were summarized by the LP.

The meeting continued with a presentation by the SSSA team regarding the circularity assessments and the data gathered through the questionnaire which was developed by SSSA as a tool for the 1st round of SWG meetings. Thus, a quick summary of the main challenges and bottlenecks for sustainable tourism and circular economy development was presented.

The floor was then given to EWA, which reminded the partnership about the upcoming activities of “Transferring” WP and focused on issues regarding the Regional Strategies, their evaluation and their implementation.

AREA Science Park presented briefly the mid-way stock-take workshop which is planned to take place at the end of February. The main concept and proposed methodology for the workshop were described.

Lastly, a presentation by the External Evaluator was made, providing the partnership with the results of the first project evaluation and congratulating the partners for the engagement and effort to catch up with project activities and to involve stakeholders. The Evaluator underlined the importance of involving the private sector in the project activities and came up with some really useful suggestions and recommendations.

The 5th Project meeting ended with a wrap up session during which the upcoming partnership efforts were highlighted.