The sixth Project Meeting took place on the 3rd March 2021. Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the meeting was held online via Microsoft Teams.

The meeting started with the Lead Partner of INCIRCLE giving an overview and updates on project implementation. INCIRCLE Project Officer from the MED JS and INCIRCLE External Evaluator also participated in the meeting, offering their support and insights to the Project Partners.

The INCIRCLE knowledge platform was presented along with interesting ideas on the organization of the horizontal capitalization activities.

Moreover, the INCIRCLE Evaluation Pack which is designed around the five circular economy principles was introduced, showing the assessment of the four INCIRCLE pillars using specific indicators. The Evaluation Pack will serve as a guide for the strategies to be employed in the capitalization phase.

The communication activities were also discussed during the project meeting. Due to the pandemic situation, the organization of webinars could partially replace project events and fill in the knowledge gap around the circular economy in tourism, in partner territories.   

Updates on Stakeholders Working Groups implementation were given by the Institutional Partners, along with the progress of the demonstrators in the five demonstrator cities. 

The 6th Project meeting ended with a wrap up session during which the upcoming activity workplan was discussed.