The seventh Project Meeting took place on the 28th of May 2021. Due to COVID-19, the meeting was held online via Microsoft Teams.

The meeting started with the Lead Partner of INCIRCLE giving an overview and updates on project implementation. INCIRCLE external evaluator participated in the meeting by giving information and updates on the evaluation process.

The Mid-way Stock-take workshop which was held on May 13th, was also discussed with all partners and useful feedback was received.

The communication activities were thoroughly discussed during the meeting, with special emphasis in the organization of webinars and the production of three types of booklets.

An update on the project’s demonstrators followed with the presentation of the interesting work realised by the five pilot demonstrators until now.

The strategies evaluation process was also presented and discussed and finally, the replication call was analytically presented to all partners. The call for replicating territories will be launched in mid-June and webinars for the potential replicators will be organized until mid-July.

The 7th Project meeting ended with a wrap up session.