INCIRCLE Project highlighted at the 4th Mediterranean Water Forum in Malta

The Energy and Water Agency (EWA), with the collaboration of the Mediterranean Water Institute (IME) and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM),hosted the 4th Mediterranean Water Forum in Malta, between the 6th and 8th December 2021.

Originally launched in 2011 in Marrakesh, the event aims to present the Mediterranean as a hub of innovative water management solutions, locally developed, to address the prevailing challenges of the region, including those related to climate change impacts.


Today, water is considered a main strategic issue in most regions of the world, mainly due to its degradation in terms of quantity and quality, the ever-increasing demand, and the socio-economic-political challenges related to drought and water scarcity.


The Mediterranean Water Forum in Malta aimed to identify practices and solutions towards a better use of water. This brought together the main policy makers and stakeholders of the Mediterranean Water Community that play an active role in dealing with issues and responses to non-conventional water resource technologies and water management techniques. The Forum’s topics tie in with the INCIRCLE project’s focus on mitigating the impacts on Mediterranean islands, efficient water reuse and sustainable energy, transferring of the project’s results to replicating territories. Furthermore, the main outcomes were the generation of solutions that can be potentially replicated in other neighbour countries in order to address emerging problem at a global scale, including as a contributor to jobs, prosperity, stability, and peace, were discussed.


During the event, the Energy and Water Agency (EWA), as INCIRCLE project partner,had the opportunity to showcase the project through a set up information point within the networking area of the Mediterranean Water Forum. Here, the project had the possibility of being presented to over one hundred delegates, from different Mediterranean counties, that attended the Forum. In this way, the project’s information was disseminated to a large amount of stakeholders in the region, thus increasing awareness and interest about the project’s main deliverables.

This Forum will serve as a preparation for  the Mediterranean region before the 9th edition of the World Water Forum in Dakar, next March 2022.

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