INCIRCLE Workshop in the 1st CIVINET Forum

In the framework of the 1st CIVINET Greece – Cyprus Forum, a dedicated workshop on Incircle Interreg MED project was held on December 10th in Athens, Greece. The workshop consisted of six speakers, representatives of the partners of the project.

The 1st CIVINET Forum took place on the 9th and 10th of December 2021, in OTEAcademy premises, on the initiative of the project partner CIVINET Greece-Cyprus and co-organized by the Pan-Hellenic Association of General Secretaries in Municipal Authorities "Klesthenes". The Conference can be widely acknowledged as a historic moment, as well as an important legacy for the Greek sustainable mobility community.

The opening speaker of the INCIRCLE workshop was Fabio Tomasi, the coordinator of the Lead partner Area Science Park, who gave a presentation under the title “Support Insular and low-density areas in the transition towards a more CIRCuLar tourism Economy”.  Mr. Tomasi explained the main parts of the Incircle project including the participating partners, the mission & the goals of the project, as well as the methodology and the tools that are used in order to achieve them.

The second speaker was Serena Carlesi, a representative of IDM - SSSA Scuola Superiore Sant' Anna. Mrs. Carlesi made a presentation about the Circular Tourism Tools of Incirle project. The goal of this partner is to develop a set of circular economy indicators to assess the circularity level of partner territories and elaborate assessment reports, one for each partner territory to show the current state of circularity, the strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed, as well as the opportunities for improvement.

Julia Bonello was the third speaker of the workshop. The representative of The Energy and Water Agency of Malta presented about the Incircle Participatory Process and the Strategy Development & Evaluation. Her presentation dealt with forming successful circular tourism strategies that can benefit relative authorities, regulators, sectoral operators or decision and policy makers within a territory and encourage a collaborative environment between them.

The fourth speaker was Eudokia Balamou who is the representative of Larnaka and Famagusta Districts Development Agency. Mrs. Balamou highlighted the Circular Economy Strategy of Cyprus. Her presentation focused on the experiences from Cyprus regarding the development of a circular economy strategy. Mid and long-term goals until 2030 were briefly presented.

Another presentation for Larnaka was given by Neofytoula Aggelidou. Mrs. Angelidou is a representative of Larnaka Municipality and her speech was about the distinct characteristics of Larnaka, such as the geographical layout, the infrastructure, the population, the archeological sites, the land uses and transport network characteristics.

The closing presentation was made by Vasilis Myriokefalitakis, the representative of Rethymno Municipality, under the title “Municipality of Rethymno: INCIRCLE Demonstrator Activities / Circular Economy Local Action Plan of Rethymno Municipality”. Mr. Myriokefalitakis presented the demonstrator activities that are taking place in Rethymno, in the context of the project. The one related with electromobility, along with the one that is related with the separation of recyclable waste.

You can find the full presentations here: