Pilot demonstrator in Gozo

The local demonstrator for Gozo pilot area consists in the construction of an underground water reservoir in the village of Kercem.

The Ministry for Gozo is responsible for the implementation of the Gozo demonstrator and Kercem Local Council is a key stakeholder in the project.

The water reservoir will gather rainwater runoff, whereby this water will be used for irrigation of adjacent arable land. Also, the gathered rainwater will be used for the landscaping of an adjacent public garden, which would be a very convenient resting point for tourists.

Apart from rainwater runoff the reservoir can also be filled with the so called “new water”, since there is an existing mains adjacent to the reservoir. This “new water”, which is treated sewage water polished to be safely used for irrigation, can thus provide a continuous supply for irrigation even through the dry summer months.

This demonstrator is part of a wider framework of projects to be implemented by Kercem Local Council. Thus, the holistic project will provide a better natural experience to the tourists visiting the area, thereby contributing to the diversification of Gozo’s tourism product.

The reservoir stores more than 90,000 cubic metres.