Pilot demonstrator in Palma

Even if the pilot project in Palma faced some delays due to the pandemic, the local coordinators managed to overcome the difficulties and put the project in action.

The pilot demonstrator in Palma spins around the installation of street fountains (15 fountains in the most touristic places in the city) and the sharing out of reusable water bottles (10.000 units) among tourist people.

The distribution of the water bottles will be made through hotels, tourist offices and kiosks with the collaboration of the municipal tourist foundation. 

The project idea aims at reducing single use plastic bottles from mineral water consumption, which fits accurately with one of the four pillars (waste) within the INCIRCLE project.

As aforementioned, the fountains installation has already started and it is expected to have the whole pilot implemented and the water bottles distributed by the end of August or even before. The fountains installation will be speeded up in order to be ready as soon as possible.