Regional Strategies Evaluation

The Energy and Water Agency (EWA) is the Responsible Partner for the 4th Work Package (Transferring) of the project.

At this stage, the EWA has been in the process of creating a total package which can be used to assess the circularity of the tourism strategies created by the 5 regional partners within the Project.

The partners involved are:

  • Albanian Institute of Transport (AIT)
  • Larnaca-Famagusta District Developmental Agency (ANETEL)
  • Energy and Water Agency (EWA)
  • Region of Crete (RoC)
  • Balearic Islands Agency for Tourism (AETIB)

Based on these, EWA has delivered the Strategy Evaluation Framework and Synthetic Strategy Summary Template, which can be used by stakeholders, wanting to create, evaluate or update a tourism strategy to be more circular in nature, whilst aligning with the Project’s 5 Principles: Reduce, Regenerate, Innovate, Rethink and Revalue.

 Furthermore, EWA will be using this Framework to assess these strategies, while in parallel, they will be concretely implemented within tourism regions and local territories, through the formation of Action Plans.

EWA was also involved in the Webinar for replicating territories that took place on the 15th of June, to encourage potential territories to sign up and participate in the next phase of the INCIRCLE Project.

All this, in conjunction with the rest of the Project and its Partners, will help guide Mediterranean tourism regions towards a more circular and sustainable way of operating.