The call for replicating territories

The call for replicating territories was launched on the 14th of June 2021.

The INCIRCLE project supports territories in the transition towards a more circular tourism economy. The project will select 6 territories through an open call and will guide them in the creation of territorial strategies to increase circularity and sustainability of tourism in their territories to support the relaunch of the sector in a post-covid time.

A webinar focused on the Opportunities for Mediterranean territories to reinforce sustainable tourism after COVID-19 was held on the 15th of June 2021.


What are the benefits for replicating territories?

INCIRCLE project will provide support to replicating territories by:

• Assisting awarded territories on the development of their own circular tourism strategies by using:

1. the guidance and support of an expert on sustainable touristic strategies

2. the tools and methodologies developed by the project

3. the support of territories who underwent the same procedure in the first INCIRCLE phase

4. the support of the experts who developed INCIRCLE tools, through peer-review study visits and meetings

• Implementing tailor-made testing activities to tackle the specific needs of the touristic sector of the territory, especially by considering the needs risen after the covid-19. Such activities will be in line with the strategies under development and will aim at tackling one or more of INCIRCLE four pillars (energy, waste, mobility and water).

Who can apply, how and when?

Applying organisations can be:

• provincial councils, counties, delegations, or similar bodies.

 metropolitan authorities

 other groups of municipalities


 public-private consortia


Single cities and municipalities cannot apply to the present call.

Territories eligible for the Interreg-Med program, the ENI-CBC Med program and Morocco and Turkey will be able to apply to the call.

Deadline, Application Form and Results

The public call opened on Monday 14th of June 2021 and closes on Wednesday, 4th of August 2021.

Find the PROCUREMENT and details here.

The Incircle project will announce awarded territories in early September 2021.

Application can be done through a google form


In addition, applying organisations must submit a motivation letter.